About Mallorca Foodies

Mallorca Foodies is your perfect marketing tool for your restaurant

We want your customers to find you. It is not enough to publish content on our social networks. we have to go further and for that we have to invest time and money.

In order to increase visibility or traffic you have to work on web positioning or seo and invest in paid advertisements.

If a customer searches on Google for “restaurants in can picafort” and we have not worked on the seo of our restaurant, it is unlikely that they will find us.

By investing in ads we can search for potential customers who are close to you and convert them into bookings.

You will have a website for your restaurant and receive traffic from potential customers.

Visibility and investment in paid advertising

We focus on increasing web traffic through seo and paid ads.

Through SEO work, we can capture traffic that is interested in “restaurants in Alcudia”.

National and international customers

 Our website translated into three languages allows us to increase the range of potential customers for your restaurant.

We not only reach the tourist, but also the foreign resident.

A microsite for your business

You will have a page of your restaurant with visits from potential customers.

With photos, restaurant information, contact details, address and links to your social networks and your website if you have one.

Advice and publications in our networks

We give support in the digital management of your restaurant such as tips, ideas and recommendations so that you can run your restaurant profiles in the best possible way through our blog articles.

Frequently asked questions

How do I send information and photos?

You can send us the photos to info@mallorcafoodies.com or we will come and take the photos of your restaurant.

We have no problem to come and visit your restaurant.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

You can unsubscribe from Mallorca Foodies whenever you want. There is no permanence as the payment is monthly.

How much does it cost to join Mallorca Foodies?

The monthly payment is 15 euros. Please contact us and we will explain how to make the payment.

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