Restaurant Nura Alcudia

Restaurant Nura Alcudia

There are many places in the Mediterranean of extraordinary beauty, but we are sure that this corner of Mallorca located in Alcudia is one of them.
Come and enjoy the nature of the area and its coves and beaches.
You can spend a whole day disconnecting from your routine.
Sun and nature mixed with new aromas and flavours in the Nura Chill Restaurant.

From their kitchens they bring the best known Mediterranean flavours to the delicious cuisine of our neighbours on the other side.
From Athens’ Monastiraki to the cosmopolitan neighbourhoods of Tel Aviv, from the beaches of Beirut to the cliffs of the turquoise coast.
From the busy streets of Tangier to historic Rome.
And in the end, always coming back to enjoy the aromas of Our islands.
Enjoy the journey and share the pleasures of good food from the culture of friendship at the Nura Chill Restaurant in Alcudia.


Opening hours

Open every day
From 12:00 to 01:00
Open from March to October

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