Restaurants in Can Picafort

Find your restaurant in Can Picafort

In Can Picafort you can find a wide variety of restaurants of all kinds.  You can enjoy a good pizza in one of the many pizzerias or a good barbecued sirloin steak. If you fancy eating seafood or fresh fish, you will also find fish restaurants in Can Picafort.

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Where are the best restaurants in Can Picafort?

In the village of Can Picafort we can find different types of restaurants. These can be found in different parts of the village such as:  

Restaurants close to the port of Can Picafort

Near the port, you will find restaurants of all kinds, such as seafood restaurants, restaurants where you can eat a good piece of grilled meat or enjoy a good salad.

Restaurants near the harbour usually have a good view of the harbour or the bay as they are very close to the sea.

Restaurants on the promenade of Can Picafort

The promenade of Can Pîcafort is one of the busiest areas of the town in summer. Here you can find international restaurants where you can eat a good pizza or a good gourmet hamburger or a good ice cream.

Normally the restaurants on the promenade are only open in summer.

Restaurants on Paseo Colón in Can Picafort

On the Paseo Colón there are restaurants specialising in grilled meat, but above all there are plenty of pizzerias and restaurants where you can have a snack.

The Paseo Colón reaches the port area and is the centre of the town, where you can also visit the different types of shops of all kinds.

Restaurants in Son Bauló

Past the port of Can Picafort is the area of Son Bauló. Here there is a promenade that leads to the beach of Son Bauló. On this promenade there are different restaurants where you can taste different types of national and international food as well as enjoy spectacular views.


List of the best restaurants in Can Picafort

With Mallorca Foodies you will find a wide variety of restaurants of all types where you can enjoy a good grilled steak, a good pizza, a good seafood dish or a good pa amb oli in Can Picafort.

Can Picafort offers visitors a wide range of restaurants to suit all tastes. Take a look around Mallorca Foodies and find your restaurant.

In Can Picafort you can visit the area of Son Real where you can enjoy a satisfying excursion to whet your appetite. Its crystal-clear waters will also invite you to take a dip.

Among many other restaurants you can find in Can Picafort:

Marisco restaurant

Mar y Paz restaurant

Acuario restaurant

Mónaco restaurant

Vinicius restaurant

Bananas restaurant

Crismar restaurant

Cas Padrí restaurant

L’Incanto restaurant

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